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In the Dust of the Ancestors



Below: photos by Miriam’s son Ryan Emhoff (Aharon Gedaliah)

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Photos by Gershon’s daughter Aharonit Chaviva Elior

ryans-israel-pics-187.jpg ryans-israel-pics-182.jpg ryans-israel-pics-169.jpg ryans-israel-pics-165.jpg ryans-israel-pics-151.jpg
ryans-israel-pics-149.jpg ryans-israel-pics-148.jpg ryans-israel-pics-146.jpg ryans-israel-pics-141.jpg ryans-israel-pics-138.jpg
ryans-israel-pics-134.jpg ryans-israel-pics-135.jpg ryans-israel-pics-126.jpg ryans-israel-pics-122.jpg ryans-israel-pics-100.jpg
ryans-israel-pics-089.jpg ryans-israel-pics-079.jpg
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